Highest High Volt DLP750 Digital Low Profile Servo


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Highestin huippuservo touringluokkiin!
Highest servos are built for racers in all levels keeping in mind that drivers are looking for reliable servo for various applications. Highest servos are designed from blank paper to match the racers needs. Used materials and machining is selected to be highest possible quality in every price point. This is only way to assure the best possible solution and highest possible quality of the servos. You will notice that servos have finest finishing and most silent operation and smoothness when it comes to steering. Doing so Highest have managed to create series of servos which have astonishing performance and quality which can be held as a measure as other servos.

Highest DLP750 is for designed for the highest standards of 1:10 nitro racing

Aluminum Case(upper, short middle, middle) + Plastic(bottom)
Full Metal Gear
Operating Voltage : 6.0~7.4V
Operating Temperature Range : -10 to +60 Degree C
Operating Speed :
(6.0V) : 0.10sec
(7.4V) : 0.08sec

Dynamic Torque :
(4.8V): 11.80kg-cm
(6.0V) : 14.30kg-cm

Stall Torque:
(6.0V): 20.7 kg-cm
(7.4V) 25.6 kg-cm

Motor Type : high efficient Coreless motor
Size : 39.5*20.0*30.3 mm

Servo Arm: 25T (F)